As an IT administrator, it is important to maintain strict control of your organization’s proprietary and sensitive information, as well how it is shared and stored. Since Google Apps operates on a 100% web-based cloud platform, this introduces a bit of a paradigm shift for IT security.

Proper security requires a deep understanding of the tools and information available to you, including both the Google Apps Admin Console and 3rd-party security tools like BetterCloud. The Admin Console offers robust security controls, but if your organization is adopting the entire Google Apps suite, you may need more extensive and granular controls. BetterCloud gives you the ability to control your organization’s use of Google Apps, while at the same time allowing the organization to make full use of the revolutionary tools in Google Apps.

Install BetterCloud: Insights, Security, & Management Tool for Cloud IT

  • Bulk Email Signatures
  • User Provisioning
  • User Deprovisioning
  • Password Policies
  • Drive Policies
  • Google+ Policies
  • Email Delegation
  • Powerful Reporting

Google Admin Console

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Reports & Alerts

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Extending Security

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