Google Admin Console

The Google Admin Console enables the administrator to carry out a wide array of functions that can improve the overall efficiency of his domain. These google apps management features range from monitoring the usage of the domain, creating user accounts, setting up different configurations for Google Apps services and more.
Login to your Google Admin Console by simply clicking on the cogwheel at the top right corner of your Gmail screen and then clicking on “Manage This Domain.”

Install BetterCloud: Insights, Security, & Management Tool for Cloud IT

  • Bulk Email Signatures
  • User Provisioning
  • User Deprovisioning
  • Password Policies
  • Drive Policies
  • Google+ Policies
  • Email Delegation
  • Powerful Reporting

The Google Admin Console Dashboard

The Google Admin Console Dashboard is preset with six primary categories:

Users: Configure all the information about your users such as setting up new users, removing users, creating sub-organizations and more.

Company Profile: Set up all the information about your company, such as the company’s name and description.

Billing: Set up your billing with Google pertaining to your edition of Google Apps.

Google Apps: Manage which Google Apps you want your organization to use.

Mobile Devices: Set up your mobile devices; for example – if your organization is using Android devices, you can set your admin console to track those devices, monitor their usage, clear them remotely, see the apps these devices have installed and more.

Support: This icon will take you to the Google Help Center & Forum.

More Functionality & Security

Despite the functionality above, if as an IT administrator you plan to fully integrate your company into the Google Apps suite, you may need more elaborate and granular control over your Google Apps domain in order to guarantee optimal security and management capabilities. BetterCloud, gives you the ability to control your organization’s use of Google Apps, while at the same time allowing the organization to make full use of the revolutionary tools in Google Apps using its wide array of features.

If you are looking for ways to improve your domain’s security using the Google Admin Console, here are a few features to focus on:

Two Factor Authentication

Password Policies

Account Recovery