Your Google Drive is the heart of your Google Apps Domain. As an IT administrator, it is important to make sure your company’s Google Drive is not only working efficiently, but securely as well. In order to ensure maximum drive security, BetterCloud offers the following security features which are essential for the administrator to explore:

Google Drive Sharing Policies

Google Apps Security

With BetterCloud’s Google Drive Sharing Policies, you can create customized policies for your domain, individual users, or Org. Units. For example, you could allow your Marketing Org. Unit to share Google Docs publicly (such as a product overview sheet), while your Interns Org. Unit cannot share outside the company at all. BetterCloud then notifies you of any violations to your policies, which you can quickly correct.

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  • Bulk Email Signatures
  • User Provisioning
  • User Deprovisioning
  • Password Policies
  • Drive Policies
  • Google+ Policies
  • Email Delegation
  • Powerful Reporting

Change Google Docs Permissions in Bulk

By Changing Google Docs Permissions in Bulk, the IT Administrator can change sharing settings on several different documents all at once. This tool is very useful since it address the frequent dynamic within your organization such as a contractor leaving the company, or employees sharing their documents with their Gmail accounts, all of which are situations that need to be addressed rather quickly. Using BetterCloud you can search your Drive by nine different dimensions, such as exposure, file size, owner and more. In addition, you can easily modify sharing settings, and if needed even change the owner for any of the docs you desire.

View Publicly Shared Documents

Using this efficient tool, Administrators can dig deeper into Drive and view publicly shared documents with the aid of filters such as owner, file extension and type, exposure level, domains and users the file is shared with and more. This capability to conduct a comprehensive search can uncover different sharing violations in your domain.

Correct Public Document Sharing Policy

Using BetterCloud, the administrator can change sharing policies, typically useful for the violation of company policy through the public sharing of documents. By bulk changing the ownership of docs, as well as the collaborators within them, the administrator can rest assured these aspects are taken care of.

Google Drive Visibility

The Google Drive Visibility tool offered by BetterCloud provides domain administrators with the ability to view the sharing policies attributed to the docs being shared across their domain. Sharing policies such as public, public with a link, external etc. can all be monitored within your domain.

Google Drive Inventory

The Google Drive Inventory tool allows administrators to to get an overview of the amount of documents that have been created by users within the domain as well as which user created which asset. This tool can show administrators how frequently docs are being created, used, and shared, as well as by whom.