Password Strength & Monitoring in Google Apps

As an IT administrator, you can use the Google Apps Admin Console to specify the required length of passwords used by users across your domain, as well as monitor the strength of those passwords on an ongoing basis. This specific feature ensures that your users’ accounts are well secured from potential future threats.

Reset Passwords in Google Apps

Google Apps Password Policies

In the case of suspicious activity in your domain, you may want to play it safe and reset the affected users’ passwords in order to ensure their accounts are safe once again. To do so, sign into your Google Admin Console and find the specific users for which you would like to reset their passwords.

  1. To find the user/s you can either search for them at the top page of the Google Admin Console, or browse by clicking on “Users”.
  2. Once you have found the user, you can display their account information by clicking on their row.
  3. In order to reset their password, simply click on the lock icon in the upper right hand side of the scree.
  4. Next, enter the new temporary password while making sure it satisfies the proper password strength crucial for future security measures.

Finally, inform the specific user that their password has been changed to a temporary one. Then, the user can access their account and later change their password to something of their own.

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